Revenue Cycle Management from Beginning to End!

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Focus Ambulance Billing

Are your PAN’s a Pain?

Focus Ambulance Billing has the answer.

Focus works with you and your team to obtain PAN’s for new patients. After the initial PAN and PCS is obtained, FOCUS tracks them and obtains new ones as needed based on days or units required.

Provider Enrollment

Focus’ Credentialing Department works with you to access new payer networks as well as recredentialing all current payer contracts when due. Whether it’s Medicare, TMHP, Superior, Molina, etc, FOCUS submits the applications and tracks them for you to ensure they are approved in a timely manner. And we do not charge extra for this service. There are no surprises when you receive your bill at the end of the month.

No surprise invoicing:

For one monthly fee Focus handles ALL your revenue cycle management needs including:

- Billing
- Collections
- Appeals
- Authorizations
- Credentialing and recredentialing

We will not nickel and dime you with extra costs for stamps, appeals, phone calls etc.

Focus Ambulance Billing

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